LevelUp is modelled on schools of excellence where learners have access to quality resources, psychosocial support and inspirational content. 


The Classroom on LevelUp features FREE curriculum-aligned South African content from Grade 8 to Grade 12. The content is presented in a discussion format to make it more interesting for you with links to in-app textbook pages and useful examples. 

Available Subjects:

  • Mathematics: Grade 8 - 12
  • Natural Science: Grade 8 & 9
  • Science: Grade 10
  • Physics: Grade 11 & 12
  • Chemistry: Grade 11 & 12


In the Cool Stuff section you will find a lots of great things to help you be street-mart and get ahead in life.  

It features:

  • Profiles of well-known personalities that explain how education and learning has helped them achieve success 

  • Expert advice on how to find your feet whilst growing up with must-know facts, guidance, and a comprehensive directory of support services
  • Skills Development Programmes are presented in a practical step-by-step format that will help you to understand the basics and achieve your goals


Every day we publish 3 challenges linked to rewards that make schoolwork exciting and relevant to the world around you. 


  • Challenges help you with your schoolwork while you earn points that you can convert to rewards at the same time 

  • Challenges are developed by a team of content experts and designed to make academic content fun and relevant to you
  • The Rewards Store features real-life rewards that vary from airtime and data to shopping coupons for specific products