What is LevelUp?

LevelUp is a mobile learning solution that helps South African high school learners to improve their academic performance, strengthen their social skills and foster good learning behaviour.

How do I use LevelUp?

LevelUp is available as an Android app in the Play Store or as a mobi site.  All you have to do to access the content and features is to sign up using your Facebook login details. Once you are registered you can easily move between sections like Classroom, Cool Stuff and Challenges.

What are challenges on LevelUp?

Challenges help you with your schoolwork. On top of that, you earn points that you can convert to rewards at the same time. Challenges are developed by a team of content experts and designed to make academic content fun and relevant to your life and the world around you.

How do I earn points on LevelUp?

For every challenge you can earn 50 points if you answer correctly on your first attempt. If you didn’t get it right the first time, you can try again, but will only earn 20 points - so remember to use the Need Help With This link for more information and examples that can help you before you submit your answer. You also get 10 points just for completing the challenge, even if you didn’t answer correctly on the first or second attempt.

What are tokens and how do I use them? 

You earn points in Challenges. Your points are then converted to tokens that you can use to redeem rewards in the Store. From airtime and data to shopping coupons – there is something for everyone. 

How do levels work?

You can earn bonus points and tokens by advancing to a next Level. Your Level is automatically determined and adjusted based on your weekly performance in Challenges. The higher your Level at the end of the week, the more bonus points you will get at the end of that week. This simply makes it easier for you to get more tokens and rewards. Bonus points are issued to you on a Monday at around 2pm depending what Level you ended on at midnight on the Sunday.

How do I contact LevelUp?

If you have any issues or need to report a problem, please use the Report a Problem tool in settings to submit a query. Our dedicated Support Team aims to resolve all issues timeously, and you can expect a reply via email within 72 hours.