Shoprite and Checkers shopping rewards now available!

The most ground-breaking feature of LevelUp is the ‘Daily Challenges’ that encourage learners to test their knowledge in exchange for rewards.

 Throughout the system, the learner is rewarded for inputs - e.g. ‘read this article to earn 10 points’ as well as outputs; ‘if you answer correctly on the first attempt you earn 50 bonus points.’ What’s most exciting is that these virtual points can be redeemed for tangible rewards in a ‘Store’ that works similar to some leading loyalty programmes. Reward options for performing learners vary from airtime and data to shopping coupons for products.

We are thrilled to announce that Africa’s largest retail group have come on board and the learners can now redeem a range of shopping rewards from Shoprite and Checkers. We believe that their commitment to education outcomes will enable us to rapidly scale the uptake of LevelUp. 

A big shout out and thank you to their team!